Fetty Wap kicked off 2016 with two Grammy nominations, and while he lost in both categories to Kendrick Lamar, the New Jersey rapper was thankful just to be nominated. "I feel like honestly, with the whole Grammy thing, I feel honored to be apart of it. It was an honor to be nominated, as an artist that was just coming up, to be nominated at the Grammys. Even for the Grammys to even notice me, that’s big, you know what I’m saying?" he told XXL in an interview after the Grammys. Fetty also admitted he didn't expect to win. "In my head, I already knew I wasn’t going to win."

Instead, Fetty kept it all in perspective and just appreciated the nominations for his hit single "Trap Queen." During the award show, he spent the night focused on his Remy Boyz who have been with him since day one. "There’s a lot of stuff I do for people in my camp that pushes me, makes me want to work harder to have them be able to provide for their family," he added. Recently, Fetty purchased his friend and collaborator Monty a new BMW. Fetty's success does not end at the Grammys. His debut self-titled album recently was certified platinum and he is currently on tour with Post Malone. Read Fetty's full interview with XXL here.