London singer and rapper Angel has released his new single with fellow crooner Haile called "Rude Boy," and also announced his new deal with Motown Records. At the same time, he's also linked up with friend and collaborator Swizz Beatz who has given the rapidly ascending artist invaluable help and support. "It's an honor to sign to a label with such an amazing legacy and to have the platform to really show what I can do in the U.S.," Angel told Complex. "It's a blessing to have someone like Swizz on board, someone who understands exactly where I'm coming from, which will give me the opportunity to show my culture in the most authentic way."

In a recent interview, which you can watch above, Angel sat down with Swizz Beatz to discuss their growing friendship and how their two very different styles relate to each other. "Just knowing that we come from a crazy place where crazy things happen," Angel tells Swizz. "When we do say something in our music, you can relate to it."

There are plenty of other gems in the video like seeing the two jam together in the studio as well as Angel chatting with Hot 97's Ebro about the history of grime and the history of hip-hop, and how the two relate. It's worth watching and should more than get you ready to grab "Rude Boy."