It seems Taylor Swift was a little upset following her Grammys performance last night. The singer opened the awards show with a glitter-fueled performance of her 1989 track, "Out of the Woods." Following the performance, a video captured Taylor in her seat talking to those around her and wiping away a tear as Selena Gomez tried to comfort her. She then turned around, presumably to 1989 producer Max Martin, who was sitting behind her, and mouthed the words, "I missed that note." At least she's got her friends like Selena and Max to comfort her.

Taylor won three Grammy awards, including the award for Best Music Video and the highly coveted honor of Album of the Year for 1989. She also got the opportunity to shade Kanye West for that "Famous" lyric during her acceptance speech, which seemingly shut down their recent beef. Even her close friend Ed Sheeran won some Grammys. Overall, a pretty decent night. We appreciate you striving for perfection, but don't sweat it, Taylor. Instead, just do like Adele and drown any sorrows you have in some In-N-Out.