Despite having one of the best voices in the game, even Adele isn't immune to screw ups in the sound booth. Such was the case tonight, as her otherwise-stellar Grammy performance was marred by repeated audio issues. Shortly after she started singing, her microphone cut out almost completely, leaving her all but inaudible.

After they brought her back up to normal volume, she was overpowered by substantial feedback and fuzziness for another dozen seconds or so. To complicate things even further, an offstage guitar sound played over the piano and vocal track, obscuring the British singer even further. Essentially, whoever was in charge of the sound screwed up epically.

Thankfully, Adele seemed unbothered by the audio problems, powering through with her typically impeccable voice. She sent out some tweets clarifying the issues with her performance, saying that the piano mics fell onto the piano strings, making the guitar sound.

Sounds like a good deal to us. Relive Adele's still-impressive performance in the video above, and check out all the night's other performances here.