Nile Rodgers has said that working with David Bowie was the greatest moment of his life. At Monday's Grammys, Nile got to join Lady Gaga on stage to honor his late collaborator and friend with a four-minute performance of songs from Bowie's career. Many people praised the vivid performance and effects, but Bowie's son, Duncan Jones, did not agree and appeared to shade Gaga's tribute with a tweet following the performance. Nile took to Twitter to respond to fans and defend the performance. In response to Jones, he said, "He has a right to his feelings and opinions too. My brother's favorite works of mine are all my instrumentals." He even cited critics of him and David's work noting, "If David or I tried to listen to everyone, we'd have never finished ANYTHING!" Read the rest of Nile's very honest tweets below. You can watch the Grammys tribute to David Bowie here.