UPDATE: Nicki has called out this story as fake on Twitter. All is well with Omeeka.

See below for original story.

It seems as if things are getting a little bit rocky between one of the biggest-named couples in music. According to TMZ, Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill had a "blowout fight" centered around his impending house arrest on March 1. The news site's sources say that, "the friction surfaced after Meek tried pressuring Nicki to stay close when he goes into lockdown for 90 days." Adding that, "Meek wanted Nicki to live with him in Philly during his house arrest."

Apparently, that proposition was one bridge too far for Minaj who has her own career to think about and considered the idea of going off the grid for three months to be a non-starter. She allegedly told Mill that, "she would not put her life on hold because of his criminal issues, and that triggered a big fight that is still unresolved." TMZ did add that apparently the couple fight quite a bit, but noted that this particular altercation seems to be larger than ones they've had in the past.

This whole issue stems from a probation violation case that caused the judge to order him into house arrest for a 90-day period rather than any further jail time. He will be forced to wear an ankle monitor during the entire length of his home incarceration and has been prohibited from performing or releasing any new music as well. The release of Dreamchasers 4 will just have to wait