When the venerable jazz label Blue Note Records invited Dilla to participate in its Blue Note Revisited remix project, Dilla chose to tackle “Oblighetto,” the track from Jack McDuff’s 1970 album Moon Rappin’ Moon Rappin’ that provided the source material for A Tribe Called Quest’s classic posse cut “Scenario.” Needless to say, Dilla took it in an entirely different direction. Using very little of the hard bop organist’s original track, he focused on a chilling section of wordless high-pitched vocals that would be appropriate for a horror movie, bringing the familiar Tribe break in only at the very end as a fitting crescendo. “The Blue Note remix was something he was proud of,” his mother later remarked. “It touched something deep in him because it was in a different vein, and it was also the music he grew up with—jazz.... He probably got more out of that than any gold or platinum plaque.”