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We caught up with model and Justin Bieber's current flame Hailey Baldwin on the red carpet of Super Bowl 50 this weekend in San Francisco. In the interview, Hailey dishes on what she thinks is the best Purpose track to make love to. "What's one of the slow ones?" she says out loud before landing on her answer. "I think the song's 'Trust.' I think it's really good." She also opens up about the recent catastrophe that was her phone number leaking to the masses. "It was maybe 45 minutes, I had 3,000 text messages. I couldn't take my phone off airplane mode because it would just be Facetime, after Facetime. The phone was glitching because so many Facetimes and phone calls were coming through." Fortunately, she was able to get a new phone number right away so Bieber can get in touch once again. Check out the full video above which also includes Karrueche and Michael B. Jordan.