Rick Ross' ex-fiancée, Lira Galore f.k.a. Lira Mercer, opens up about her break-up with the famed rapper in a new interview with Global Grind. The engagement, which only lasted two months, was called off in November after TMZ reported a falling out that led to Mercer moving out of Ross' home.

In Mercer's latest interview, she says the Internet and social media was a factor in the break-up. She blames the public for digging up old tweets and Instagram posts and felt that Rozay "just couldn’t handle it." One photo in particular made the rounds, depicting Mercer and Meek Mill together in a club. "I think the initial breakup was a combination of everything from people digging up tweets when I was 17-years-old tweeting about different people, to the picture of Meek," she says. "I went to his (Ross’) tagged photos one day and it was only that picture of Meek, and it was just that photo."

Mercer adds, "I’m still in love with him, but some things don’t go as you would like them to go.” You can read the full interview here.