On Friday, Chingy tweeted his support for Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and received a ton of backlash on social media. Now, he’s backtracking from his statement in a new video uploading on his official YouTube page, stating that he does not endorse Donald Trump.

As Chingy recalls in an interview with Billboard, he was reading a news article about Trump and agreed with some of the things it said. Trump said he intended to keep terrorism out of the United States and keep Medicare benefits for Americans, which were two stances Chingy wanted to get behind. However, Chingy’s tweets were taken out of context and he further clarified them by saying he simply didn’t know the controversies surrounding Trump.

“In no way do me and Donald Trump share the same personal views, especially when it comes to minorities, I do not endorse him,” he said in his public apology.

Later in the video, he thanks his fans for informing him about Trump’s remarks on minority groups. This only means Chingy is going to follow the presidential election a bit more closely. Check out the video above.