50 Cent is no longer the extremely wealthy millionaire he once was. In new court documents, 50 Cent declares assets of $16 million, according to TMZ. The court documents are part of 50's file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection submitted back in July of 2015, which claim his total assets consist of real property estimated at $8.8 million and bank accounts that total $7.4 million. His other assets push his total net worth to a little over $16 million.

While still a significant amount of wealth, the number is a far cry from the $150 million he earned in just 2008 alone from his stake in Vitamin Water after Coca-Cola purchased the company. In May 2015, Forbes estimated 50 Cent's net worth to be $155 million. 50 filing for Chapter 11 may not mean he's broke, but his wealth has certainly deteriorated over the years.