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Dreamville are on their night job tonight.

It all started when J. Cole tweeted a cryptic phone number, which prompted his followers to dial in. It might have happened simultaneously with other members of Dreamville because they all tweeted 1-888-88-DREAM at the same time.


— J. Cole (@JColeNC) December 7, 2015


— Bas (@FiendBassy) December 7, 2015


— omen (@omen) December 7, 2015


— Cozz (@cody_macc) December 7, 2015


— Elite (@Elite) December 7, 2015


— Ibrahim H. (@KingOfQueenz) December 7, 2015

According to users on Reddit, a few of them got through after calling multiple times. Cole's voice is actually on the other line, and he makes a funny "your momma!" joke before saying the mailbox is too full.

The voicemail lmao @JColeNC @KingOfQueenz

— Lucas_Dreamville© (@Lucasjbarnes) December 7, 2015

A few lucky callers actually got to speak with Cole and his manager Ibrahim "Ib" Hamad. What a nice surprise for your Sunday evening, huh?

FAM ITS LIT!!!!! Thank you Cole Ib and who ever else was in the background. @KingOfQueenz @JColeNC

— Ariel Bushel (@thatbandg33k) December 7, 2015

The number could mean something else too. 1-888-88-DREAM is also on the cover of the label's surprise compilation Revenge Of The Dreamers, which dropped back in January of last year. After some digging, it turns out a sequel is indeed in the works and will be releasing on Friday (Dec. 11). You can pre-order the project on iTunes now.