UPDATE 4:52 PM: 50 Cent's team just released two statements from his lawyers on the pending lawsuit against Rick Ross. Read them both below. 

Statement from Paul LiCalsi, Partner and Co-Chair of the Entertainment and Litigations group at Robins Kaplan LLP:

"50 Cent's most valuable asset is the name and reputation he has painstakingly built through his Grammy-winning music, acting, and business endeavors. He chooses his projects carefully for the very purpose of protecting that name and reputation. Our complaint alleges that Rick Ross has taken these without permission to advertise his own album, and violated 50 Cent's rights in the process, and we believe he should be held liable."

Statement from Craig Weiner, partner at Robins Kaplan LLP:

"We will use every legal tool available to remedy what we allege is an unauthorized use of 50 Cent's name, identity, and trademark. 50 Cent actively and generously collaborates with fellow hip-hop artists, but we maintain that this is a case of outright misappropriation. 50 Cent had absolutely nothing to do with Black Market or the mixtape that preceded it."

50 Cent is reportedly suing Rick Ross, and the reason isn't really that much of a surprise at all. According to TMZ, court documents in Connecticut show that 50 is suing Rozay over the use of the "In Da Club" beat on Ross' Renzel Remixes project that came out last month. 

50 claims that Ross had no right to use the instrumental and did so just to promote his album, Black Market. Of course, the Ross and 50 beef is nothing new, and the two have been going back and forth for years. Recently, 50 lost a $7 million lawsuit against Ross' baby mother for leaking her sex tape back in 2009. We reached out to both parties for comment on the matter.