Over the summer, we did a complete breakdown of the classic video for Mark Morrison's 1996 R&B staple "Return of the Mack," a track that you need to make a part of your life if you haven't already. You should also be aware of the progressive footwork tendencies of TEKLIFE's DJ Earl (who is apparently working on some fire in the form of an album). Today, we marry those two sounds via this massive rework that Earl did of "(The Flow)," the lead track from Thought Tempo's new single on Thought Tempo.

While the original packs way more of a jazzy vibe onto the footwork framework (with a healthy smattering of Mark Morrison atop the track), Earl takes that vibe and channels it through the TEKLIFE scope, putting their signature swing and his own special magic onto the mix. He even clips all of the vocals down to Mark's "all those times I said that I love you," which turns this into a melancholy gem to throw on when you're in a funk and need to get motivated. It's a quick, grooving number that highlights the beauty within the beat.

This single is out today via Zoom Lens's Bandcamp page, and even comes with another original, "Denni."

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