It's been a little under two weeks since Michael Christmas dropped his sophomore effort, What a Weird DayThe 18-track album hit the top charts on iTunes and features his homies LogicMac Miller, Krondon, D.R.A.M. and more. To celebrate its success, we get the stunning two-part visual for the Qreamybeats-produced "Look Up/Save The Day" that's mostly set in his hood of Roxbury. With cameos from his homies, little sister, and neighborhood heroes, "Look Up" is one of his more introspective songs—and really important to him.  

"A lot of people in the city don't believe I'm really from here and I wanted to make a song that talks about my experiences living in Roxbury that would apply to any kid who lives in a bad neighborhood but never really adopted the lifestyle of a bad neighborhood," he told Complex over email. "The first half is sort of a cry for help and the second half is me becoming the hero I wanted to see in the first half. It ain't no stars in the hood means just that, but also that being from Boston, we haven't had a star or a superhero we could emulate and try to be like in order for us to make our escape, and that's why I wrote this song. I want to be that person for my city."

After mobbing around his hood in the "Look Up" portion of the visuals, directed by Goodwin, Christmas hits a cookout and ends up in a rowboat for its finale. Here's a gif of the superhero you'll watch on loop all day:

Watch the short film above for "Look Up/Save The Day" and catch Christmas on Mac Miller's GO:OD AM tour. You can grab What a Weird Day on iTunes or stream it via Spotify below: