Taylor Swift wins again. According to a new report from Express, the 25-year-old singer is well on her way to becoming the highest paid musician in the world. Her income from the past year—totaling $317.8 million—equals over one million dollars per day. This is the result of her blockbuster album 1989world tour and lucrative endorsement deals with Coca-Cola and Elizabeth Arden. Undoubtedly, the 1989 tour might be the greatest contributor with an overall income of $173 million from 59 concerts in North America, Europe and Asia as calculated by Billboard.

With these numbers expected to continue as Taylor finishes up her world tour, the singer will likely end 2015 with more than $365 million dollars in her pocket earned from this year alone. While this all makes Taylor the highest paid musician, it's Katy Perry who was named Forbes' wealthiest celebrity earlier this year with Taylor falling behind at the No. 8 spot. At this rate, it might be Taylor who tops the list next year.