A U.S. District Judge threw out the "Big Pimpin" copyright infringement case against Jay Z and Timbaland today before it even went to a jury, according to the AP. Judge Christina A. Snyder ruled that the nephew of Baligh Hamdi​—the Egyptian musician who made the original song partially sampled on "Big Pimpin"—didn't have the right to sue either Hov or Timbaland. Both Jay and Timbaland testified in court last week, where they detailed the making of the song and how they used the sample.

The case stems all the way back to 2007 when Hamdi's nephewOsama Ahmed Fahmy, sued Hov and Timbo over not having proper permission to sample "Khosara Khosara" on their 1999 hit. During his testimony, Jay said he was unaware of the sample in first place, and also pointed to the liner notes of the CD, which clearly credit "Khosara Khosara." "At some point there was a claim for it, and it was cleared up," Jay said. "The rights were granted...we have a license to use the song." 

This was obviously enough for the judge, though today's ruling apparently came as a surprise to most of the parties involved. Timbaland's law firm, Mitchell Silberberg & Knupp, released a statement on today's decision, and said that they're very pleased with the ruling. 

“We and our clients obviously are very pleased with this decision. The court correctly ruled that the Plaintiff had no right to bring this case and cannot pursue any claim of infringement in connection with Big Pimpin’ whatsoever. Defendants have maintained throughout that Mr. Fahmy has no right to sue for infringement in connection with Big Pimpin’ and that fact has now been established.”