You have to hand it to the drum & bass scene. Somehow, with trends moving a million miles a minute, the D&B heads have managed to remain invulnerable to shifting trends and a fickle industry—most likely due to the versatility of the genre and the producers who operate within it. One of D&B's most enduring subsets is the more melodious side of the genre, and this remix from LSB is no exception. 

Following the massive "Ruffnek" single from earlier in the year, enigmatic producer FineArt has returned with "Don't Wanna Rush". We're not quite sure who FineArt is but judging by the self-assuredness of the track, they clearly know what they're doing. Remixing the work of such a producer can't have been easy for LSB but the Essex boy took it all in his stride, ramping up the atmospherics and weaving a gentle but potent melody behind Rachel K Collier's vocals that won't fail to raise the hairs on the back of your neck.