As Paris-based supergroup Club cheval prepare to release their debut album Discipline, we’ve been treated to the project’s title track, along with an offering of shapeshifting remixes. On “Discipline,” producers Canblaster, Myd, Panteros666, and Sam Tiba blur the lines between modern R&B and deep house, for an unbridled blast of four-on-the-floor opulence.

If the original mix is a club destroyer, consider Ryan Hemsworth’s rework a headphone masterpiece. Hemmy slows the tempo and twists the vocal track, transporting “Discipline” miles away, to H-Town worship and Sega Genesis territory. Add a layer of glitchy samples and (what we can only assume is) a discordant harpsichord VST, and the track has a brand new life as a turnt-down electro symphony.

Listen to Ryan Hemsworth’s remix of Club cheval’s “Discipline” below. Hemsworth’s half-time edit of the club single arrives as part of the Discipline Remix EP, which also features flips by With You., Louis The Child, and Panteros666. If you’re feeling the song, you can vibe out to the full remix EP via Spotify or iTunes.