In Complex and Mass Appeal's new animated series, Super, we ask rappers to describe what they'd be like if they were superheroes. They describe what they'd look like, what their powers would be, what their ride would be, and everything else. While they're talking, animator Hectah (who you can follow on Instagram) brings their ideas to life on screen.  

In the latest episode of Super, Fool's Gold rapper Leaf talks about what she'd be like as a superhero. Her character would pose as a nerdy studio engineer named Jimi during the day but turn into a superhero named Foxy who fights misogyny at night. Props to Leaf for one of the more creative ideas for this series because some of her superpower include the ability to change people's minds about issues and also embracing her inner beauty and loving herself. "The villain would obviously be the misogynistic male," she explains. "Or, the misogynistic female because there's definitely a lot of females in this world that try and keep women down." 

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