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Earlier this year, Sacramento-based rapper Task1ne quickly went from local legend to pariah when it was revealed that he systematically steals bars and sometimes whole verses from fellow underground rappers. The outing led the formally active rapper to retreat, deleting most of his social accounts and releasing a somewhat bizarre video titled "Response," where, instead of apologizing, he attempted to explain why he steals rhymes.

That was the last anyone has heard of him, and when Complex did a story on the matter, he denied several requests to be interviewed.

Now he's finally broken his silence. In a lengthy, two hour interview with The Blind Box podcast, Task covers everything and displays much more humility than he did in "Response." The talk is full of stunning admissions, like how original material only accounted for maybe 25-30 percent of his rhymes, or addressing the (intentional?) irony of how his rap name stems from a comic-book villain known for stealing and replicating powers. There's also some levity too, like when he's introduced to the website PornMD on air. Peep the full interview below.