Having secured their spot in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2013, Public Enemy is still restless. Group leader Chuck D is a pugnacious, tireless advocate for curiosity, skepticism, and intellectual resilience within hip-hop culture, and so it's no surprise that his pioneering rap group is making new moves and bold statements in 2015. The real never left.

Today Complex premieres Public Enemy's music video for "Man Plans God Laughs," the lead single from the group's new album of the same name. "Man Plans God Laughs" features members of the P.E. family rapping over a production style that fuses Public Enemy's typically raucous percussion with the eerie, spacious vibe of Massive AttackHere's an exciting new chapter for a proudly rebellious group that's disrupted mainstream music at every turn.

Watch Public Enemy's "Man Plans God Laughs" above, and stream the album in full below. Man Plans God Laughs is available exclusively via Spotify and RCS Music for the next two weeks, until the album's nationwide release on July 27.