Three 6 Mafia's influence never really disappeared from hip-hop. Since the mid-2000s, its had a perpetual presence, with the gradual ebbs and flows between trends—like 2013's Migos flow mania, swiped indirectly from Lord Infamous—to more subtle influences. Of late, artists like indie rapper Denzel Curry and BeatKing have channeled the group, but neither has quite captured the all-rough-edges spirit quite as aggressively as Chicagoan Lil Herb, on the majorly bubbling underground single "I'm Rollin." It doesn't replicate Three 6 exactly—Herb's rap style is completely his own, and the song's groove is ungainly, relying on brutish, distorted kickdrums for maximum disorientation. But from its druggy aggression to the "Yeah hoe!" vocal samples, its spirit is more Three 6 than those more explicitly emulating the crew's best work.