Just when you thought the hot summer Ghostface Killah promised Action Bronson yesterday had cooled off in light of Action's apology for his incendiary comments disparaging the Wu-Tang vet, Azealia Banks comes through to stir the pot. But the traditionally outspoken (usually on Twitter) rapper has a point. After tweeting and deleting an especially graphic shot at Bronson this morning, Banks reminded everyone of the time she and Bronsolino exchanged petty words on Twitter late last year.


But where Action was quick to apologize after Ghostface's Tedy-fueled manifesto, in his spat with Azealia, he continued with increasingly vulgar replies. Of course, Action Bronson might just have more respect for Ghostface Killah, a veteran whose legacy he's propped several times in the past, than Azealia, irrespective of gender. But regardless, the exchange was in poor taste and he didn't come close to copping the kind of apologetic plea that he sent towards Tony Starks. Instead, he tried to reach out through decidedly private means—after, you know, publicly shaming her body, music, and making assumptions she wanted to have sex with him—and only publicly backed down when Azealia called him out for it, once again on Twitter. 

Meanwhile the media coverage in no way demeaned him the same way it did when say, Snoop Dogg came after Iggy Azalea. We'll see if her reminder spurs an overdue, sincerer apology or if Bronson only concedes to Wu-Tang members. Peep her tweets from today below and relive their original back-and-forth here.