Underneath the bangers and the weed evangelism, I've always suspected that Brit rapper Stig Of The Dump might be a little more clever than he's letting on. Pick apart that hefty back-catalogue of "fuck you music", and you'll find a vocabulary and flow too flexible and well-executed to warrant him being placed alongside other rappers scouring the subjects of fifth, immoderation and political discontent. Up until this point however, his output has been a little too loud, a little too in-your-face maybe, to let this intellect really breathe.

Enter rap wunderkind Jehst to inject a little simmer and subtlety into Stig's sledgehammer bars. New single, "Kubrick", is stuffed full of references to everyone's favourite OCD auteur, with enough solid-gold bars to get hardcore rap fans clamouring for the repeat button. Measured, more mature, but still hella intimidatinglet's hope this is the shape of things to come. The Kubrick LP is out right now.