St. Vincent has a special gift for you.

Annie Clark believes that a good mixtape can cure all your problems. On Friday, the indie rocker announced on Facebook that she wants to create personalized playlists for her fans. All you have to do is submit a paragraph (50 words or less) explaining how your life would change/benefit from hearing a mixtape by St. Vincent.


Hello Everyone: Sometimes, the best remedy for what ails us is the perfect mixtape. So, St. Vincent would like to...

Posted by St. Vincent on Friday, June 12, 2015


Submissions are already pouring in. In fact, there’s so many of them that the contest is closed. However, she’ll likely re-open it again because who wouldn’t want a mixtape curated by her?

Thank you for your stories. I can't wait to read them all

— St. Vincent (@st_vincent) June 13, 2015