Not too long ago, the mystery duo known as Nite School Klik was revealed to be a new project from legendary producer DJ Shadow and bass music upstart G Jones. With DJ Shadow moving into more of a bass-y zone, embracing everything from dubstep to trap music in his productions, it made sense that he'd explore the sound further on his Liquid Amber imprint, taking the "Shadow" name away and really focusing on honing the sound.

Their three-track, self-titled EP features one brilliant piece of leftfield wizardry in "Nice Nightmares," which brings all of the futuristic quirk to an intoxicating trap dream. Playing perfectly off the title, the track rolls on like the most lush–and frightening–nightmare you've ever experienced. To add more awesomeness to injury, they recruited EPROM to add his heavy mental to the track.

EPROM's material assaults subwoofers with out-of-this-world grooves, and his take on "Nice Nightmares" is no different. EPROM has no problem tackling dreamy synths, turning up the fuzz, and creating an even more intense track. The brutal bass keeps in time with the blasts of sound and barrages of drums... all the while keeping that clean, airy melody in the wind. EPROM knows how to bring those head-nodding grooves as well; it's a real intriguing mixture, at the end of the day.

The Nite School Klik EP drops on June 9 via Liquid Amber.

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