I'm not sure when these videos were produced, but they floated down my Twitter timeline and I've been trying to trace their origins ever since. From the length of the videos they're living somewhere on IG. Word is Safaree posted then deleted them because he was getting clowned in the comments. But as we all know nothing dies after you put it on the Internet these days. He's obviously going through the motions since he broke up with Nicki Minaj. Last week he released "Love the Most" in which he gets some feelings off his chest and forced a response on Twitter from Nicki.

Her tweets must've did something to him because on Sunday night he figured he'd show her how hurt he really was.

The first video shows Safaree shirtless with a chain and shades on doing push-ups with a girl in booty shorts sitting on top of his shoulder blades as Maxwell's cover of "This Woman's Work" plays in the background.

A couple questions. Is she giving him a little help by doing squats or is she just sitting on him? Who's holding the camera? Why does he have a chain and shades on? We need answers, Sway.

He chose Ginuwine's "Pony" as the soundtrack to the other video. But wait, there's a plot twist. He's wearing a different chain, and two girls oil him up after he takes his blazer off. We're not sure why he didn't have a shirt on under said blazer, but we're gonna let him live.

Pray for Safaree, y'all. We've all been there. At least he's not running up on Nicki like Chris Brown is running up on Karrueche. We hope Stuntman Breezy gets over it. Or maybe he's doing well. One could also argue that by the looks of these videos.