Lil Wayne and Charlie Puth team up today for the release of "Nothing But Trouble," which premiered on iHeartRadio earlier this morning. The track, which will hit iTunes tomorrow, is the first single from Big Beat's soundtrack for '808,' the documentary on the influences of the Roland RT-808 drum machine. '808' premiered earlier this year at SXSW Film’s “24 Beats Per Second” series, as well and will include commentary from Pharrell, Questlove, Afrika Bambaataa, Rick Rubin, Diplo and more.

Here's what Puth had to say about making the track:

My idea to make this record started when my friend from Berklee sent me a video of an old Baptist choir singing these insane, huge harmonies. That inspired the choir like theme throughout the song. It's actually 125 tracks of my voice layered to sound like a choir. 

My friend at the same time was dating this model from New York City who was always messing with his head. After they broke up he would always see her face on billboards. It REALLY upset him. One night we were at a 7/11 in New Jersey talking about the situation in the car, and I just blurted out "Man, these Instagram models are nothing but trouble." I went home that same night and recorded the chorus over that choir beat I made. 

Then Wayne took it and put a brilliant spin on it and drew inspiration from his own experience I'm sure. Wayne is such a genius with his wordplay. I still can't believe I collaborated on a song with him with an idea that started at 7/11. 

It appears that Lil Wayne is still planning to drop his new project, Free Weezy Album, later this week, too.