Jamie Adenuga's work-rate over the last 12 years has been overwhelming. It's only when you really evaluate his back-catalogue of features, mixtapes, albums, and radio sets that you start to get lost in a BBK vortex. The real beauty of Jme is that he's stuck to his morals and independent structure; he gave the fans consistent releases, stage shows and delivered grime music when it wasn't so popular to do so. Along with his brother, Skepta, they launched their own merchandise and single-handedly made a whole generation want to start their own T-shirt line.

Why Jme has gained so much love and respect is simply because he's himself. He can deliver the grimiest bars in an Iron Man suit, and still get a wheel. He's a vegan, who likes skate parks. He loves new technology, and is quite possibly the trillest nerd you'll ever know. The former MySpace prince is now the "King of Twitter", and has always used social networks to his advantage. But before all those sites came along, Jme would regularly be found lighting up pirate radio alongside the likes of Wiley Kat and Frisco, N.A.S.T.Y Crew and Crazy Titch. Fast forward ten years, and he has a brand new album out called Integrity> that is honest, humorous, aggressive and of course: 100% grime.

This week's #TBT column is dedicated to the Boy Better Know CEO.