Chance the Rapper fans have incessantly demanded the release of Donnie Trumpet & The Social Experiment'Surf album, every chance they get. Many predicted that it would come out in late April, some said early May; however, every declaration or wild theory has come up short. While some fanatics feel slighted, it appears that their patience will have definitely paid off in the long run. Andrew Barber, from the good folks over at Fake Shore Drive, was granted the opportunity to listen to Surf with Chance. He was able to hear the entire project, which means it is finished. According to his words, listeners are in for a great experience, filled with surprises. 

On Chance's involvement on the project: "This [Surf] very much belongs to the musical monster, Donnie Trumpet and The Social Experiment. But of course, Chance’s fingerprints are all over it. He’s more of the executive producer here. The ringmaster, if you will. But it’s Donnie’s show, with The Social Experiment flexing their muscles throughout the 16-song opus."

On Donnie Trumpet taking the leading role: "The way he’s able to manipulate the sounds he spews out is something this generation has yet to see. He transforms his brass from one instrument into many, altering the mood of the project from song to song. It evokes happiness, sadness, fright and joy. "

Surf's overall feeling: "They’re pushing boundaries with Surf, and having fun while doing it. The groove, the soul and the funk of this project is rich and thick. It could’ve dropped in 1985 or 2015 – it’s timeless. It knows no limits."

Surf's influences: "The sounds and vibes are pulled from everywhere, but nothing sounds out of place. It meshes together flawlessly. It’s wild, but cohesive. They spent a lot of time fine-tuning Surf – that’s evident."

On Surf's many features: "On Surf, many of your favorite rappers (young and old) joust with your favorite R&B singers (young and old) to make these tracks larger than life. Oh, he showed up? Wow, she’s here? How did Chance get him to appear?"

The more we learn about Surf, the more anxious we are for our turn to hear it. It appears we won't have to wait long, as Barber mentioned that it will be dropping soon. 

[via Fake Shore Drive

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