Scotty Rebel and Tokyo Diiva are the Rich White Ladies. The two friends met over a decade ago up in the Bronx and after a night out at the club, when the two were told they were giving off "rich white lady," they realized they had a name for their musical duo. Over the last few years, the two have released a few tracks that poke fun at the lifestyles of the one percent. One of those tracks is "White Powder Perm," which they've released the video today starring two old white ladies rapping along to the song, all while smoking a blunt and sipping tea. Rich White Ladies stunt with a hypnotizing chorus all about 24K gold, fancy shit, and that white powder perm. Their Rich White Ladies EP is out today on Motown Records. The five-track set includes the viral sensations “Wimbledon,” “Ransom,” “1 %,” and more. With a full-length album due this fall, Rich White Ladies are taking over the summer.