Legendary dance producer and DJ Josh Wink is back with a new single, "Denial". Divided into three parts—an original, a "Prise d’Acid” version, and a "Tweak Dub" version—each track is an epic sonic journey, the highlight being the "Tweak Dub" version. Clocking in at 7:45, it's hardly a short-and-snappy banger, but that's not what Josh Wink is about. As Wink explains, "'Denial' is my musical interpretation of where my head is as a DJ; it's cerebral, eyes closed, getting lost in the music, techno with a heavy nod to the journey of getting lost. The message is to live in the present, remember the past and trust the future." Instead, we're treated to an immersive, hypnotic trip into the future; a future that seems to be on the verge of oblivion. Stream the "Tweak Dub" version below and grab the single on April 20 via Ovum Recordings.