It's been sometime since the last fresh face youngster decided to host an insane house party the likes of which has neither been seen nor the premises will ever recover from; thankfully, Lil George has come to save us from this unnecessary drought, in his new video “Sauce.” This young Detroit native’s name has been buzzing around his city for a while, as a result of his steady stream of street anthems and his energetic stage presence. Capturing the ears of the Motor City was just the beginning, now he is hoping to sauce up the rest of the nation.

“Sauce” and its accompanying video capture the youthful, innocent vanity. George and crew party with chicks in a bouncy house, and when that gets a little old, they move over to the studio. Here are some of things you definitely need to know about Lil George: He has the sauce, his mom is a boss, his daddy is most assuredly a boss, his dude—yeah, the big one over there—also a boss, and you can correctly assume that everyone else in his squad are bosses.

The humorous conversation between Lil George and unnamed older male figure emphasizes the fact that “Sauce” is just about having a good time and stunting, which are this MC’s specialties. Be on the lookout for more of his singles and videos, sure to drop soon.