A few months back, Chance the Rapper shared a record on his SoundCloud page that turned out to be a collaboration with electronic artist, Nosaj Thing. That song, "Cold Stares," is now available for stream today. Its release also comes with an announcement for Nosaj's new album, Fated, which will be released May 5 on Innovative Leisure. Check out "Cold Stares" below, as well as the tracklist for Fated.

1. Sci
2. Don't Mind Me [ft. Whoarei]
3. Realize
4. Varius
5. Cold Stares [ft. Chance the Rapper]
6. Watch
7. UV3
8.Let You
9. Moon
10. Erase
11. Medic
12. A
13. Phase IV
14. Light #5
15. 2K

[via Pitchfork]