Earlier today, Nicki Minaj expressed her concerns to Christina Milian over her use of “Pretty on Fleek.” Fleek, which ascended from its Vine infancy into popular Internet slang, is now the subject of a back and forth between the Young Money stars. If you remember, Nicki used the phrase on her Beyoncé-assisting single "Feeling Myself," rapping, "Kitty on fleek, pretty on fleek/Pretty gang, always keep them niggas on geek."

In the caption on Instagram, Minaj says she’s waiting on a percentage of the sales of Milian's “Pretty on Fleek” T-shirt/sweater line (see above) that can be purchased on WeArePopCulture.com. Then, she ended her comment with tilting her head sideways. Milian was quick to respond.

 After what looks to be a misunderstanding of a joke between two artists, they took to Twitter to smooth things over.

But really these two should be thanking Viner Peaches Monroe for creating a cultural phenomenon.

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