MBK Entertainment/RCA Records’ rising star Gabi Wilson found viral success with her single, "Something To Prove," last year and while she's working on new music right now, she decided to drop a stunning cover of Drake's "Jungle." The standout track off of If You're Reading This It's Too Late gets an even more sensitive touch thanks to Wilson. 

"I'm inspired by the creative minds I surround myself with, the places I've seen, and the situations I've been in. When I'm emotional and I hear the right melodies and chords in my head, the right words come out," Wilson told Complex over email. "This is my favorite song off of Drake's new mixtape. What I got from it is touching on something Im dealing with at the moment. I told my producer, Swagg Arcelious, and my guitar player Brandon, that I wanted to recreate it and we did."

Stream it below: