Of all the show’s characters, Jamal Lyon, played by Jussie Smollett, probably has the best chance at taking his newfound TV stardom and turning it into some level of success in music. He’s basically Lea Michele, only my concern is he has to work with the right people. I saw Smollet say he wants work with Terrence Howard. If by work, you mean invite him to the session, sure. Other than that, no.

Charity is right about him sounding a little bit like Usher, and since Usher is too busy proving he’s the uncle at the club who's still got it, Jussie should call Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis and snatch up all the songs Usher passed on. Babyface might’ve emailed him already, but unless he plans to spin one of the songs from the Waiting To Exhale soundtrack, ignore him. Also, Jussie, listen to the R&B cuts Hit-Boy did for Mariah Carey’s last album—namely “Dedicated.” Duplicate that. Oh, work with people like JoJo and Jhené Aiko. It’s new, but because you can sing, aunties will still want to support your work. Put me in a video. You’re welcome.