UPDATE 2/9/15: Suge Knight continued his bail hearing in court today where they determined he will remain in custody until his next hearing on March 20. The judge did rule that Knight is allowed face-to-face visitations and access to a computer during his time in custody.

UPDATE 2/5/15: The official 911 call from a woman on the scene during the fatal hit-and-run incident has just been released. During the clip, you can hear her say that the car, which Knight is thought to be driving, ran over two people. Listen to the audio below.

New details have emerged in the Thursday hit-and-run incident that left one man dead and led to Suge Knight being charged with murder. Anonymous sources have confirmed to The Guardian that violence escalated when Knight visited the set of Straight Outta Compton in an attempt to make amends with Dr. Dre. However, Dre, who has a restraining order against Knight, was reportedly uninterested. Cle “Bone” Sloan, a former Bloods affiliate working security and as a location scout, was emphatic about Knight leaving. 

Sloan and Knight got into a verbal altercation until Suge decided to leave and meet up with Terry Carter, a friend tied to Ice Cube who was interested in brokering peace. The men were "cordially" talking through their car windows in the parking lot of Tam’s Burgers in Compton when Sloan showed up on the scene and began punching Knight through his window. 

Knight drove a few feet away and stopped his vehicle, but the violence continued to escalate. That's when Knight allegedly went into reverse and struck Sloan. Then he put his vehicle in drive, striking and killing his friend Carter. Knight may have been attempting to flee the scene to defend himself, but some witnesses say it appeared as if he intentionally ran over Carter. 

"I don’t think Suge’s actions were intended to harm Terry Carter," producer David Weldon said. “No matter how much the media is going to demonize him, I know that they were pretty cool with each other."

From The Guardian

"Whatever was on Knight’s mind at that moment may be the key to the case. If prosecutors show that Knight intentionally drove his truck at Sloan aware, but impervious, that Carter was in the way, Knight could face a quicker path to ending up in jail for much of the rest of his life.

Because in the next instant, Knight may have been trying to escape, but he hit Carter with the right front fender of his truck, then killed him.

... Knight's attorney, James Blatt, has said his client was unaware he hit the men, insisting that video evidence would prove the incident to be an accident – a defensive driving maneuver after being attacked by four men. [John] Corina, at the sheriff's office, said that logic was difficult to believe and that there was no evidence thus far of that many extra attackers."

The Los Angeles county sheriff's department revoked Knight's $2 million bail today, considering him a flight risk. Knight is now facing life in prison after officially being charged with murder and attempted murder. 

We'll have more information as the case continues. 

[via The Guardian]

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