New York City based songstress Rahel releases her debut album Alkali album today, and it not only does it sound good, but it feels good too. The 10-track project shows Rahel’s sultry yet high-pitched vocal range over synth and spacey instrumentals. Her harmonies give each song just the right dimension along with her dreamy echoes about love. Rahel doesn't scream to the mountaintops but her voice reaches through her notes that are both powerful and delicate in the same breath. It's easy to ride out to the vibes of the album as she holds down the background occasionally and puts her warped ad-libs and authentic emotion on the forefront. She takes full command of the music and what she's singing about. It isn't the cliche approach to songs about romance but Rahel does capture the essence of the carefree feelings that come along with those initial butterflies and falling deeper.

The album sounds somewhat futuristic but Rahel’s emphasis on lyrics and thoughtful melodies bring it on home with doses of '90s R&B nostalgia. Complete with features from Le1f and DonChristian, you can stream Alkali below: