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Atlanta's hip-hop wave continues to expand, as today, the Kooly Bros - three white guys whose motto is "We fuck shit up and cause trouble" - debut their new track "In Love" featuring Young Thug. Backed by the drum-heavy, R&B-directed production from London On Da Track, the trio balances a strong, and catchy hook that repeats, "I'm in love with the money," before they break into their memorable individual verses.

Not a ton is known about these three kids, but off a quick adventure on their Soundcloud page, it sounds like they do a fine job of mixing turnt up party tracks with trap-laced production for a combination that definitely seems to have a place in hip-hop today. Though Thugga's appearance on the song is brief, the co-sign alone is more than enough to open up some eyes to this talented trio. Their EP, Hang Over, is coming soon. Stream the new song below.