Frank Leone's debut project, #EnterWILD, has a chance to truly make waves in the game this year. The 19-year-old artist has been working on his project for the last three years (He started when he was just 16 years old) and today, we're premiering "Toad Vision," one of the very first songs he started working on for #EnterWILD. His self-produced track features Chicago rapper Saba and samples Yeasayer's "Sunrise," too. "I wanted it to sound like Kendrick Lamar's 'Rigamortis' if he'd stumbled through my forest licking toads before he wrote it," Leone told Complex over email. "Toad Vision" is an exhausting few verses from the two that will literally make you feel like you're high and drunk stumbling around through the wilderness—so, goal accomplished.

Leone lives in Chicago but is from the woods of Monticello and he's crafting #EnterWILD to be an "action/adventure album" set around the forest where he was raised. This is the last song that will be released before the project, and if you missed it, catch up with "BUMP in the NIGHT" and "WAR," before you stream "Toad Vision" below: