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Archibald Slim and Father of Awful Records join in this somewhat disorienting Mike Ellwood-directed video for "The Spill." In a series of alternating backward and forward shots, the two find themselves struggling with the before and after of a common vice. Father limps outside of a liquor store with a not-so-subtle brown bag, ostensibly on the verge of a visceral purge, while Archibald is inside carrying an unopened forty. Most of the song is actually just Father saying the word "ow," or maybe "out"—either way it sounds the way a hangover feels. But halfway through, Archibald raps a single verse, some sober "pre-spill" thoughts. The duo essentially says "fuck a three-verse/three-hook song structure" and does something out of the ordinary.

Archibald recently released Dichotomy with fellow Awful member RichPoSlim, and Father is getting ready to release his new album, Who's Gonna Get F***** First? this month.