Justin Bieber has his Beliebers, Lady Gaga has her LittleMonsters, and Nicki Minaj has her Barbies, but is it possible YG has the most dedicated of fans in music? There's certainly a strong case to be made, considering his loyal following took to the Grammy Museum today in Downtown Los Angeles today to protest the rapper's Grammy snub

YG acknowledged his fans and said he had nothing to do with the protests. The picketers (sorry, bicketers) used Twitter to publicize their efforts that eventually led to them being kicked out of the museum. 

This is one of the most absurd but hilarious displays of fandom we've ever seen. Check out some of the tweets from the protest below. 

Damn. This Brazy, my fans protesting about a nigga not bein Grammy nominated. I ain't tell Em do this doe 💯💯💯💯 pic.twitter.com/a6GVTtOXWq

— YG (@YG) January 3, 2015

@YG they kicked us out of th Grammy Museum today bro pic.twitter.com/8H1dwNXf1t

— Trill Ship Crew (@TrillShip) January 4, 2015

#BICKETING @YG @TrillShip @TrillHD pic.twitter.com/rIYAloqwHM

— LIVEMIXTAPES.COM (@LiveMixtapes) January 4, 2015

YG, Y Not?! #Bicketing @YG @TrillShip pic.twitter.com/PuT7cEX4xZ

— J.J. (@itsjdotjdot) January 4, 2015

"YG , Y NOT?!" !!! pic.twitter.com/12S9MlUjY4

— Trill Ship Crew (@TrillShip) January 4, 2015