YG isn't happy with next year's Grammy nominations, and he voiced his displeasure during an interview on Big Boy's Neighborhood. His debut album My Krazy Life received a lot of critical acclaim this year, yet it was suspiciously missing from the nominees for Best Rap Album and he seems to think it's because he's from the streets.

"I think it has to do with me being from the streets, and representing what I represent," he says before listing off the positive things he does in his community. Calling himself the "people's champ," he goes on to say that he feels that his album was better than the other nominees on the list, which include ScHoolboy QEminem and Iggy Azalea. His confidence in the quality of Krazy is clear in the video, and he even compares how he feels to Kanye West's frustration that caused him to interrupt Taylor Swift at the MTV Video Music Awards years ago. Watch YG's spirited rant on The Grammys above and purchase My Krazy Life on iTunes here.