"Dream A Garden refuses greed, violence and the impossible ideals that gloat from every surface of our cities" and that much is evident from the bittersweet dystopia of Jam City's latest video for "Unhappy", which is taken from his upcoming album Dream A Garden. Though much of the subject matter is bleak and yearning for something better, the prospect of hope is teased at the end. On the surface of it, this is a bewildering whirlwind of images that vary wildly in their ability to make your brain cry. It's fairly disturbing and all seems rather random but the closing shots do offer something in the way of a common thread, particularly when we see Mr. City and a companion walking pensively through a field with a jacket that reads "Class War".

If "Unhappy" is anything to go by, then Dream A Garden could prove to be an incredibly ambitious release with its jibes at class warfare, alienation and a capitalist society drunk on its own arrogance. Let's just hope the rest of the album can live up to this strong opening play. Dream A Garden will be released on March 23 through Night Slugs; watch the video for "Unhappy" above.