Illusions of grandeur come for many up-and-coming rap stars. What's here today is gone tomorrow, and Atlanta's Reese knows that. In his latest video for "Gold House," we see Reese skate out of his modest vinyl-sided house in Atlanta and ride to his presumptive "gold house."

In his fancifully decorated new crib, Reese raps, "I'm calling plays, John Madden/Run them stacks back." Antiquity may be a motif in the "Gold House" video, but Reese is trying to get money today, tomorrow, and yesterday (if possible). Directed by SoShotYa, "Gold House" also features a cameo from recent Reese collaborator Wiz Khalifa, who's done up in his very best Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band outfit. Reese will put his latest illusion to the test with the upcoming release of the deluxe edition of DSNRTRAPN​. But for now, ride out to the eccentric visuals of his chilled-out trap track, "Gold House."