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I feel like this might be my fault. I've spent some time commenting on how the EDM remixing Internets has been kind of shy about cooking up remixes of viral rap and R&B tracks with the ferocity they did in, oh, 2013. I figure the huge number of SoundCloud removals from major labels in the earlier part of 2014 played a big part in that, but still, it sucks to see creativity be so stifled. One track that's definitely been flipped very early has been OT Genasis' "Coco." Hell, we posted a new one this morning. We'll go two-for-two today, primarily because we don't get to hear from Trippy Turtle that often. That turtle's take on "Coco" is actually pretty refreshing... sure, part of that is the fact that it's not a horrendous trap rendering, but a hyper club edit, but we also love that he titled it "FoFo," shouting out the FofoFadi camp. He actually ends up throwing everything from Big Sean to Drake in this remix, really putting this one on top of the others we've heard If only there was a download...