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Rihanna's younger brother Rorrey Fenty, a.k.a. Gallest, dropped his Intolerable Cruelty mixtape back in June, and today, he premieres a new video for the standout track "Running." The short film is Fenty's first major video, which he hopes will serve as a commentary on police brutality and the recent deaths of unarmed black men in America at the hands of local law enforcement, directed by Kenim O.

‘The song is about overcoming one’s past and looking to the future as an opportunity for greatness," Gallest told Complex over email. "I wanted the video to encourage everyone—whether a police officer or a young black man—not to let past misfortunes, prejudices, and upbringing dictate their future."

Gallest has dropped music previously, but "Running" may make major waves for the up-and-comer. He's rumored to be working with DJ Mustard on some music, which we can hope for sometime next year. Get acquainted with Gallest through his mixtape and the video premiere above.