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Rick Ross has been on a major health and fitness kick for the past year, and it's definitely showing. Fueled partially by his prior health issues and his own desires for self-improvement, the #RossFit workout plan is proving to be rather successful.

Ross recently spoke with the New Yorker during which he attributed part of his revitalized look to doing less kush-ups. “My lifestyle then, it was just lots of intake. I drank a lot. I smoked a lot. I changed that,” Ross said. "I cut back on my marijuana intake.”

But the Bawse is still championing marijuana legalization. The Florida native was obviously a bit disappointed that his home state was the only place that marijuana legalization up for a vote but did not pass. "It’s the most beautiful law in history," he told The New Yorker. I’m from Florida. They just voted against it. I was crushed. I was devastated."